Friday, December 15, 2006

13 Days Left - Contest Time! Great Prize!

Thirteen days left before we're shut down. I want to have the first annual Call Center Steel Cage Death Match contest. Here is the contest question and the prize:

Guess what city Cogitating Call Center Manager works in? (prize: signed copy of "Not By the Seat of My Pants.." When I say 'signed', I mean signed by CCCM)

Here are the very obscure (i.e. Google won't help you here) clues:


the Basement


boat under train under car under plane


So that's it. I originally had three questions, but given the short time we have left here, I decided to limit it to just the one.

If you're as astutely Cogitating as Cogitating Call Center Manager, email your answer to I'll respond if you are the first one with the correct answer and I'll send off your grand prize.

By the way, this picture is not of my center (mine are the sepia-toned masterpieces). This looks more like it's in Pelican Bay (that is something you can Google).


Blogger Danielle said...

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