Sunday, June 05, 2005

Type Casting

From my experience working in, and managing, six call centers, I have identifed four major types of people who work in Call Centers: Travellers, Misfit Toys, The Misguided, and Last Stop.

Travellers: Just passin' through - they're using the call center for some cash while they pursue something worthwhile, like going to college. Usually bright, adept.

Misfit Toys: Tattoos, mohawks, punk rock. They're young, out on their own, like beer and might have a hard time getting a job somewhere else. Usually bright, but some can be quite unbalanced.

The Misguided: Are under the misconception that a call center rep job is a job in which they can learn and grow, make a career out of.....Not much else going on in their life. Lowest performers of the list.

Last Stop: Last stop before retirement, that is. Usually good, solid reps. Their age is a plus. Only down side in my experience was one gentleman who, serioulsy, didn't change his diaper frequently enough.


Blogger Miss Manager said...

Don't forget the liberal arts majors, who take it all so seriously and eventually work themselves up to managment, only to realize they're still kissing butt (albiet a different one) but it's okay because they're making SO much money and the hours are great (provided you don't need much and don't have a social life) and they keep on taking the crap because they've convinced themselves that it's rewarding to put out fires all day and have nothing to show for it. They're great employees 'til they burn out. I wonder if other business have archetypal employees like call centers do?

8:01 PM  
Blogger He Said/She Said said...

OK, question: I'm starting my first call centre job in a couple weeks, and am in the "travellers" group. I have my own business I'm building on the side. To what extent is that 'cool' by the powers that be (we discussed in the interview), or to what extent should I not mention it again? I sincerely (am I stupid?) think I'll enjoy the work, and have every intention of giving it its due, but, it will always be simply a decent means to another end. I imagine being there a couple years on a part-time(ish) basis. Will I get the worst shifts etc., if it's known that this is not my life mission?

5:02 PM  

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